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Welcome to the feelgoodery

The purpose of this page is to provide a valuable list of programming that carries a high vibe or positive tonality.


One might wonder why we have a list of "feel good" media. Well, most of us have the same goal, to feel good. Here are some movies, music, books and videos that not only feel good but display characteristics of elevated consciousness. There are two very logical reasons behind the decision to input good. Now, we believe in the shakespearian logic that nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so. Yet there seems to be a perceptible difference within the range of tonalities in sound and vision, and how each might make us feel. 

That feeling is important. It's telling you something. It's telling you how your body is reacting to it, what it means to you in that moment, and where you want to go (toward or away from it).



Top end: The receptive and malleable nature of consciousness (of which you are a part) allows for greater than perceived connection between observer and stimuli. Your body reacts to your consciousness: as you tense up from a scary movie, sweat because you're nervous, smile because you're pleased, or tingle because you're horny, you're vibration has changed due to some new awareness . Any information you bring your awareness too, you engage with to some degree. You have the choice of what you watch, read and listen to, choose wisely.  

Bottom line: Attention amplifies. Where your focus goes, you increase the probability of bringing that particular reality from the super-potential into the actualized reality of a moment realized. We steer the collective course with our minds, so if you want to help your life and the world, change the channel to something good. 

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