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coronary heart attack sufferers. Brain injury an harm to the mind happens when the go with the flow of blood is disrupted. It is known as a hypoxic-anoxic brain damage or "hai." hypoxic manner partial loss of oxygen, anoxic means total loss of oxygen. When oxygen deprivation to the mind is caused by an inner occasion like a heart assault, or acute myocardial infarction, it's far considered an hypoxicischemic damage - or hii. QE Brain Boost The maximum common cause is from cardiac arrest. Pushed to investigate i became curious... Every day i concept approximately "what if?" what if... We may want to delay brain demise via submersing the coronary heart attack sufferer in bloodless water? What if... In an emergency - a victim will be placed in bloodless water at the first signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest. What if... We could .

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